Organic Edamame Fettuccine Pasta

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  • One Ingredient – Organic Edamame Beans
  • Excellent Source of Protein – 44g per serving*
  • Rich in Fiber – 19g per serving*
  • Low-carb – Net 16g per serving*
  • Pack Size – 6x 8oz Boxes
  • Better For You – USDA organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher
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Made 100% from beans. No wheat, flour, eggs, binding agents, or anything else is ever added!


3x the protein, 6x the fiber, and 6x fewer net carbs than regular pasta.


Cook's like any other pasta, except much faster! Simply boil for 4-5 minutes and rinse.


Contains no animal products and made from sustainably sourced, organic, and non-GMO beans!


Complete Protein

Each box contains 100g of high-quality, plant-based protein that’s essential for your body to grow and regenerate.

Dietary Fiber

Contains both soluble and insoluble fiber that will keep you full and your digestive system healthy.


Our pasta has 6x fewer net carbs than wheat pasta and is made up of complex carbohydrates that’ll provide consistent and longer lasting energy.

Slow burning carbs

Only 16 ± 1 on the glycemic index, helping to keep your blood glucose levels under control. 

Vitamins & minerals

Enriched with B-vitamins, iron, zinc, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin D to give your body the nutrients that it needs.


Naturally cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat for cardiovascular benefits.



56 reviews for Organic Edamame Fettuccine Pasta

  1. Anita

    Love the pasta. It is nice and chewy. Enjoying!

  2. Noel Sot

    Really good!

  3. Yahaira

    Full of fiber! Amazing pasta you won’t feel bad eating. Love the texture too.

  4. Jami Cooker


  5. Jason

    This pasta is bomb! I tried them all but the Edamame Fettuccine is my favorite. It has a nice texture and holds sauces well. I tried it with pesto and turkey bolognese, both hit the spot.

  6. CW

    I’m not typically one to eat healthy alternatives, but the Only Bean Edamame pasta was really good! I added some meatballs and sauce and made a solid dinner. I recommend!

  7. Bruce

    Loved it. Taste great, holds together well, and much better for you

  8. Rywu

    When I purchased these, I didn’t realize how high the protein content was and was pleasantly surprised to see it was 25 grams per serving. As someone who is conscious about counting macros, these noodles make me feel less guilty when eating pasta! In addition, the edamame flavor really complemented the Alfredo. I added mushrooms, spinach, chicken and it beats the standard barilla I’m used to. They cooked extremely fast in 3 minutes saving me time in kitchen. All in all, this is a new item that I will continually add to my grocery list.

  9. Holly K.

    These were delicious! We used the Edamame Fettuccine noodles in lieu of lasagna noodles to make homemade “lasagna” — basically just layering the fettuccine loosely with all the other good lasagna layers. It was so tasty! It’s hard to find alternatives to traditional pasta that don’t end up having a strange texture or consistency when cooked, but these were awesome. Will definitely buy more in the future! They’re also so low in carbs!!

  10. Clara Choi

    These noods were super delicious! My roommate and I tried cooking 3 different variations–an aglio e olio w/ shrimp, shrimp marinara, and a meat/veggie medley. The noodles held up very well–we boiled three boxes in a large pot for 4 mins exactly and then cooked them a little further in their respective sauces. I was surprised by how well the noodles maintained an al dente texture. Will enjoy this guilt-free pasta for the next few meals!!! Lotsa pasta

  11. Victoria AF

    I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was pretty good. I’m excited to have a pasta alternative!

  12. Angie Tellone

    Doing low carb, not having traditional pasta anymore.
    This is really tasty, better than most !

  13. Janine Gomez

    I’ve been pursuing a keto vegan diet for just shy of a year now. I say “pursuing” bc I slip up every now and then bc I miss pasta and noodles… the chewy texture especially. THEN! I find this (actually my friend recommended it).

    The texture is so much like the regular pasta I crave (Shiritake noodles’s texture was just not doing it for me!). There’s a hint of sweetness, and I did notice the taste is more distinguishable when eating it cold, but I like the taste. I was just eating it without any sauce too! My non-kv hubby thought there was a little bit of an aftertaste but he doesn’t like eating veggies as much as me, and he was eating it plain too.

    If you’re looking for more protein but lower carb sources like I am, maybe this will help you not cheat! I haven’t tasted any other convincing pasta substitute with these kind of macros.

  14. K

    They look like flattened pea pods, but work okay as noodles and taste okay as well. I especially like that they are high in protein and in fiber.

  15. Kelley R Johnson

    Great taste. Made Chicken Alfredo and my guests has no clue the pasta was made out of edamame. Perfect alternative to regular pasta.

  16. scott erreca

    Great value

  17. Kathy Accola

    Versatile. Cooks quickly in 4-6 minutes. Can use Alfredo or pasta sauce or just olive oil and Parmesan sprinkled on top. The guys want meatballs too.

  18. humprey


  19. Kathy Accola

    Versatile. Cooks quickly in 4-6 minutes. Can use Alfredo or pasta sauce or just olive oil and Parmesan sprinkled on top. The guys want meatballs too.

  20. Pamela J. McCracken

    Quick cooking, healthy, hold up to any sauce topping – people always rave when I serve them!

  21. Grady Stephens

    Great tasting noodles with lots of protein and fiber. Wish they could bring down the price some.

  22. Richard J Miller

    My friends and I love the pastas!

  23. Patricia King

    Hubby and I both really liked these fettuccine noodles! They cook so fast and weren’t sticky like wheat pasta.
    Very good flavor, will definitely buy again.

  24. Tammy

    I do not eat meat and so this product has a lot of protein in it. Eating this helps keep me full. The pasta is so quick to cook, about 3-4 minutes unlike the regular wheat pasta that takes forever to cook. When I am hungry, this is my go to quick meal. It is slightly more expensive than other brands but I cannot find those brands at the grocery store where I live.

  25. John Hoffman

    noodles only take minutes to cook–add to soups–add meatballs to cooked noodles with sauce–I fry cabbage and onion s and then add the cooked noodles for a meatless meal–you could also add tomatos or peppers

  26. Blue ridge hiker

    very high protein content . very digestible. Vegan . USDA organic. Low Carb, mild taste . good with some condiment. It is made of one ingredient: black beans. Actually black Soy Beans. (I don’t know why they don’t say that on the package) but very digestible. produced in China. High quality as far as I can tell. if you buy a six pack it comes to 1$ per serving.

  27. customer

    very good, healthy noodle substitute. the texture of the pasta was just like normal pasta. however it took slightly longer to cook and retained some of the distinct scent of the edamame bean. still, it was very good with homemade healthy pasta sauce.

  28. D. Alterman

    Great substitute for whest pasta, easy to cook, delicious, GF

  29. Amazon customer

    I incorporated this into my flour free/sugar free way of life – and it was great! I pair with Rao’s sauce – yum!!!

  30. Arpan

    The only bean edamame pasta is the only pasta I eat now! Amazing nutritional value.

  31. Andrew

    Was better than I expected, highly recommended.

  32. mjohnson

    These are very yummy. I made a Asian noodle salad with them and served at room temperature with a little bit of sesame oil some soy sauce sesame seeds and some vegetables and they were quite delicious.

  33. Daniel Malone

    They are delicious

  34. Daniel Malone

    Good price, great taste. They are delicious

  35. Robb Edwards

    Great texture and flavor. Don’t need to worry about calories etc. Love it!

  36. Leslie

    This is perfect for those on a WFPB diet! Yummy and so fast to prepare-only takes 3 minutes in boiling water-beans only, no flour.

  37. Amazon Customer

    We all liked the texture and taste. High protein, instead of a bunch of carbs.

  38. Andrea L. Fritz

    I appreciated the ability to order 1 box vice 4 or 6. Some of us don’t have the storage space.
    The order came quickly, another plus.

  39. J. Shade

    I haven’t eaten pasta in years because of the carbs. I decided to try this as an alternative. I’m so glad I did. Tasty stuff. It has the texture of pasta and the ability to take on the flavor of whatever you put it in. Really good in stir fry. It does have an earthy taste on its own. It tastes great with butter and oil and vinegar (so good). I’m going to try it with some cheese sauce next. I’m glad I bought 6 boxes. Very Keto-friendly.

  40. Neal Vanderstelt

    This is high in potassium and makes a great noodle alternative that is vegan.. It taste great plain to me, but obviously I flavor it otherwise any noodle will taste dull. I could eat these with a pinch of salt and be relatively content.. They are the way to go to liven up vegan dishes.. I usually eat with beans… The texture is perfect and they are easy to cook.. I just bring to boil for a few minutes, drain, then let sit with the cover on.. They have come out perfect every time.. With vegan butter they taste awesome too. Potassium is hard to get in diets nowadays and this is packed with potassium.. 🙂

  41. Eaton Drinkwell

    A little different flavor than regular pasta, and a more delicate noodle that requires a shorter cooking time. Follow cooking instructions on package, and make sure not to over-cook. This product is ideal for those needing a high protein, high fiber, low net carb. diet. I’ve had 3 major abdominal surgeries and have found this to be a perfect product to satisfy my pasta cravings with the added benefit of helping to fulfill my need for a high protein and high fiber diet with low carbs and relatively low calories.

  42. S. Stewart

    Good high protein food

  43. Beverly Wood

    This fettuccine is great with good pesto, tomatoes, olives, and artichoke hearts. Especially if you want to live grain free.

  44. M

    Lovely, quick-cooking, alternative to traditional wheat pastas.

  45. James

    From the perspective of a diabetic, I had completely given up on pasta because it is simply too high on carbs (35g or so per serving). Shiritake noodles are low-carb, but are a poor alternative (feels like trying to eat rubber bands). These, however, are only 9g net carbs and are an excellent match for the texture of pasta. Though others have complained about it, they taste fine to me. Glad to be able to have ‘pasta’ again.

  46. James

    Perfection! I am a HUGE pasta eater. I typically eat wheat based pasta 4-5 meals a week, and it shows up as body fat more as I get older 🙂 So, I knew I needed to make a change, and I started searching. This is the best! I made my pasta exactly as the instructions on the box called for. To finish it off, I added a smoked cheddar and homemade garlicky tomato sauce. The flavor, texture and aroma were great. No off aroma or flavor like I expected. The most surprising part was how satisfied I felt after eating a serving. I was full, but didn’t have a heavy feeling in my stomach that I typically have after eating wheat based pasta.

  47. Callie

    My toddler LOVES these. They cook quick which is great with a hungry kid. I put pesto on them and he goes to town! Great protein content too!!!

  48. itzletz

    I have a low carb eating lifestyle and sometimes I miss the Taste of pasta- but not the rest that comes with it. I tried this as a sustitute and was impressed by the taste and how easy it is to make.

  49. Amazon Customer

    Better than any other bean pasta. Tasted great and for a good price. I substitute this pasta in for my instant ramen so I can enjoy the seasoning but not feel so guilty of eating the instant ramen.

  50. Agility Cairn

    I use “Only Bean” in place of any pasta in a variety of dishes. Love it and it’s help me keeping the weight off.

  51. Amazonian

    -It has the same texture of other soy-based pastas, and that is good; although not the same as regular pasta, it still retains an enjoyable texture.
    -it cooks up quite quickly
    -the protein content is out of this world! It’s like eating a whole 9oz can of tuna, or almost 2 chicken breasts, and that is really impressive!!

    -when you rinse it, per the instructions, well, there goes ALL the heat in the cooked product, and if think you’re going to be clever and rinse it with hot water, well, you get the added challenge of water retention (either way), which WILL dilute your sauce, butter, whatever else you are adding… I recommend drying it a bit on paper towels, or just not rinsing it….to counteract that you can: overheat your sauce, or heat the pasta back up in the microwave, otherwise you’ll likely get room-temp pasta that seems like it was left out for an hour.

  52. Sean Griffin

    Pretty good with salt and butter

  53. VRed

    If you can’t resist eating pasta this is for you! It’s healthy and the texture is great for any kind of pasta dish

  54. Kadiso17

    I love pasta but unfortunately, too many carbs! So I had cut out pasta from my diet. When I found this product, I was skeptical…like how whole wheat pasta tastes like cardboard. But not this product-the pasta cooks up quickly, tastes great with just a little salt, pepper and olive oil and has high protein content. My pantry is stocked full of this product now.

  55. Sooz

    Great with any sauce. A little pricey but I am willing to overlook $ because it is best bean pasta available to me

  56. Sara D

    super filling, they don’t taste bitter like most veggie noodles, and they’re low carb. Very impressed!

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