Organic Soybean Spaghetti Pasta

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  • One ingredient – Organic Soybeans
  • Excellent source of protein – 44g per serving*
  • Rich in fiber – 19g per serving*
  • Low-carb – Net 16g per serving*
  • Pack size – 8oz (4 x servings)
  • USDA organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher
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Made 100% from beans. No wheat, flour, eggs, binding agents, or anything else is ever added!


3x the protein, 6x the fiber, and 6x fewer net carbs than regular pasta.


Cook's like any other pasta, except much faster! Simply boil for 4-5 minutes and rinse.


Contains no animal products and made from sustainably sourced, organic, and non-GMO beans!


Complete Protein

Each box contains 100g of high-quality, plant-based protein that’s essential for your body to grow and regenerate.

Dietary Fiber

Contains both soluble and insoluble fiber that will keep you full and your digestive system healthy.


Our pasta has 6x fewer net carbs than wheat pasta and is made up of complex carbohydrates that’ll provide consistent and longer lasting energy.

Slow burning carbs

Only 16 ± 1 on the glycemic index, helping to keep your blood glucose levels under control. 

Vitamins & minerals

Enriched with B-vitamins, iron, zinc, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin D to give your body the nutrients that it needs.


Naturally cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat for cardiovascular benefits.



40 reviews for Organic Soybean Spaghetti Pasta

  1. Kacy

    Delicious! I was worried they would taste too “beany” but there is very little difference in texture and flavor from regular flour-based noodles. Love these!

  2. Rob

    These are a game changer for anyone that loves pasta, but wants to have a healthier meal. I was blown away by the taste and it has become an integral part of my weekly cooking schedule.

  3. Prajna4me

    Best of this genre I’ve tried. The flavor is good and the texture is much better than some other brands. I’m trying to stay away from so many carbs, so this is a great option. I might suggest that you mix with some “noodles” to make a really nice pasta — with no pasta!

  4. Mama Jo

    I’ve tried several other brands of soy pasta, and this is my favorite. I love the consistency. When I follow the instructions, it comes out firm but easy to chew. Lovely and fresh.

  5. Laura G

    I am so happy to have found this product. I am recently diagnosed with type II diabetes and thought I was going to have to give up on pasta because of the high carb count. I found this product and decided to give it a try. I found it very satisfying and delicious, a perfect substitute for ordinary pasta that fits within my recommended meal carb count. A little pricey, but well worth it. When a pasta craving strikes, I am glad to have this product to turn to for a healthy alternative.

  6. Hammer

    We tried this soybean pasta with our favorite shrimp Fra Diavolo recipe. It’s certainly workable and I will happily continue to use it on occasion, but don’t expect to fool anyone into thinking it’s traditional pasta. The flavor is fairly strong and the texture and mouth-feel is coarse instead of smooth and slippery. Pros: It’s healthy, fiber and protein-packed, and easy to cook. Cons: expensive, and… it’s not smooth like pasta.

  7. Benjamin J. Broxterman

    We were very excited to find this product as we generally eat low carb and the shirataki noodles packed in water weren’t cutting it. These are good, very similar in texture to whole wheat pasta and even our kids liked them. We ended up going back and ordering several more packages to have on hand for quick and easy meals.

  8. Kristin Newman

    I really liked these. The flavor was great and it was close to the flavor of pasta. The consistency was good too. Follow the directions on the box and they will turn out perfect.

  9. Kc

    A pretty darn good spaghetti substitute! Made it with marinara sauce… texture is a little chewy, but it is pretty suitable for a replacement. I think it would be great in soup.

  10. Becky

    Hubby is no carbing and loves pasta. We found this and thought it was pretty good, better than many no carb products.

  11. Harold Freehling Jr.

    These are very good products.

  12. Krissy

    Awesome taste and texture! Will not be like regular pasta however it tastes great and gets me the added protein I’m looking for!

  13. Linh

    So happy to discover this pasta! I just started a plant-based diet and I’ve been shopping all around for products with complete protein to replace meat. This does the job and it’s so easy to cook!

  14. Kim

    It is very good, you must TRY! Highly recommended!!!

  15. Eva

    These noodles are delicious and I love that they are high in protein and come in different flavors/noodle types. The best part is that the noodles contain only one ingredient!

  16. Whimsical

    Yum!! Loved it

  17. Tiffany S

    Great flavor and texture. easy and quick to prepare. will probably switch to this from conventional pasta even when I am not on a Daniel fast.

  18. Vincent O. K

    I was iffy about this one because of the soy but after doing further research, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. A large concern with soy is that most of it is genetically modified but these are all organic and non-GMO. Another concern was soy causing feminization in men. Most of the recent research concludes that the isoflavones found in soy actually has no affect on circulating estrogen levels in men… They contain phytoestrogens which actually have anti estrogen properties and may even reduce breast cancer for women. I’m starting to think all the research done was funded by specific industries (meat, dairy, whey).

    Conclusion – There are lots of myths about soy, but what I do know for a fact is that it’s one of the few complete proteins that has all the essential amino acids our bodies need. It’s also full of fiber and makes a great pasta alternative!

  19. Megan Mitchell

    Great replacement for high carb noodles, use it because of low carbs.

  20. Joane


  21. CB Hanna

    So the good news with this pasta was that it has a tooth similar to regular pasta. And it was not slimy like the refrigerated shirataki noodles they sell in the supermarket. The taste itself was pretty bland,not unpleasant, just a vehicle to hold sauce.

  22. Anthony Kappler

    I found this product through a Facebook group I follow and this will be the second time I have purchased it. It tastes really good and if you are looking for something that fills you up quickly this will do the trick!

  23. Jessica W

    Delicious! Never had bean noodles before, and ended up loving them. Fast and easy to cook makes for a quick meal for the family.

  24. Lori Diane Tift

    Look and texture once cooked and rinsed is very similar to regular pasta. Taste is different but good.

  25. Mark A. Santello

    I bought it for the protein content it is kind of bland need to add your own seasoning I added olive oil and dill weed.

  26. Jack

    Greatest low carb pasta!

  27. Grady Stephens

    The taste is great. Lots of protein and fiber. Use for all types of pasta dishes. Wish the price would come down some.

  28. A. Schmidt

    I love the texture and nutrition in bean pasta

  29. Alisa

    In my experience, the texture is much better if you cook the noodles for longer than the package says. 3 minutes is not nearly enough.

  30. Virginia Hale

    The taste on this and the other varieties are great. I think that this one is the closest to regular pasta. My kids like it because it looks like regular pasta. They kind of didn’t like the others because of their colors. I think that they tasted great. I have been missing pasta SO MUCH, this is a fabulous replacement. Will try to add a photo when I cook it again.

  31. Steven W.

    I got this product to help out the soy bean farmers. However it’s the best pasta I ever tasted. Also, upon reading the label, it is very healthy.

  32. Diane

    I loved that I could have pasta again. I was devastated when I became allergic to gluten. No pasta, no pizza, no bread no cookies! I love that I have options now. This pasta is so versatile.

  33. Birdie

    We have chosen this spaghetti because of my husband’s diagnosis of diabetes. Pleased with texture, taste and ease of use.

  34. rrice

    A little weird but if you’re watching your carbs you can make it work. Takes a little bit of effort with the seasoning and the additional ingredients but worth it when you can have pasta again without all the carbs.

  35. Dr. M

    For those following my 90:10 diet, or eating mostly vegan, these organic soy noodles deliver a great dose of protein. I make a dinner with 16 oz. of broth, 3 mushrooms cut into bites, and 2 green onions (tops and all). Cook 56 grams of dry noodles separately and rinse under hot water. When broth is simmering, add the cooked noodles and enjoy.

  36. Mv beach man

    Delicious, kids like it and vastly better for you. Not white flour, excellent cooking, taste

  37. book reader

    I just have to rave about this product. After turning vegan, I had to find more complete sources of protein so I wouldn’t worry about neglecting that aspect of my health.

    Anyway, I had soy protein isolate powder some years ago and gained sooo much weight in a short time (I did lose all of it after I stopped). This soy pasta is made of whole soybeans, which means it is extremely good for you and isn’t one of those fake soy products that only causes health issues. I continued to steadily lose pounds of weight eating this pasta and my scalp was no longer irritated and my hair and scalp were extremely soft- even the longer lengths of my hair turned so much softer from frizzy in just two days (and no I didn’t even wash my hair in that time!). Recently I saw a significantly cheaper soy pasta brand at Costco and purchased it and in a few days already my scalp is irritated again and I have gained 2 pounds in two days – their main ingredient states soy bean flour and not whole soybeans anywhere so I imagine that it must be something more processed. At any rate today I threw that brand in the trash and am waiting for my new shipment to arrive from The Only Bean.

    Oh and as for taste, this pasta tastes way way better than any wheat pasta I have ever had (I am not gluten free, just trying to get more nutrition in where possible). I cook this in the microwave for about 7-14 minutes depending on the quantity of pasta, covering the pasta with water in one of those microwave saucepan type thingies and the pasta comes out soft and naturally sweet. I am able to enjoy this pasta plain which I can never do with wheat pasta. Just an easy way to enjoy food, get healthier and lose weight. What could be better??

    Buy buy buy, and maybe that will drive down prices more. At any rate, I am fortunate to be able to afford any food I want but I want high quality real food like this available to everyone.

  38. Lori Diane Tift

    I’m eating low carb so no pasta for me . This is a perfect replacement for angel hair pasta. Looks so much like pasta when it’s cooked and tastes great. Not the same taste but a good taste and only ingredient is soy! Im going to try them with just butter and salt and pepper. And they don’t get sticky like pasta does. They have the same texture as regular spaghetti! Love it!

  39. Ashes

    I first purchased the only bean as a variety pack at Costco and now I’m hooked! My vegan Mac n cheese is now even MORE nutritious and delicious than before. My vegan spaghetti with tvp “ground beef” has even more protein to help me build up my muscles but lower in calories so I can drop more fat! My only gripe is such a small serving per box but thankfully you can buy six packs on Amazon

  40. 2seeds

    My husband has celiac and I eat only plant based whole food. These noodles are the best tasting and cook speedily! I like that there is only one ingredient. Great product! Also high protein.

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