Organic Black Bean Spaghetti Pasta

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  • One Ingredient – Organic Black Soy Beans
  • Excellent Source of Protein – 44g per serving*
  • Rich in Fiber – 19g per serving*
  • Low-carb – Net 16g per serving*
  • Pack Size – 6x 8oz boxes
  • Better For You – USDA organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan, kosher
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Made 100% from beans. No wheat, flour, eggs, binding agents, or anything else is ever added!


3x the protein, 6x the fiber, and 6x fewer net carbs than regular pasta.


Cook's like any other pasta, except much faster! Simply boil for 4-5 minutes and rinse.


Contains no animal products and made from sustainably sourced, organic, and non-GMO beans!


Complete Protein

Each box contains 100g of high-quality, plant-based protein that’s essential for your body to grow and regenerate.

Dietary Fiber

Contains both soluble and insoluble fiber that will keep you full and your digestive system healthy.


Our pasta has 6x fewer net carbs than wheat pasta and is made up of complex carbohydrates that’ll provide consistent and longer lasting energy.

Slow burning carbs

Only 16 ± 1 on the glycemic index, helping to keep your blood glucose levels under control. 

Vitamins & minerals

Enriched with B-vitamins, iron, zinc, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamin D to give your body the nutrients that it needs.


Naturally cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat for cardiovascular benefits.



57 reviews for Organic Black Bean Spaghetti Pasta

  1. Wendy

    I love that this pasta is made from black beans! I used it in a specific recipe for a veggie lo mein and it was delicious. Super easy to fix, reheats we’ll, and keeps easily in the fridge for at least a couple of days.

  2. Jack

    bought this as I needed an alternative to the regular bland pasta my wife usually buys. the spaghetti consistency was fantastic and went really well with my wifes famous sauce and meatballs. I color I have to say did throw me off from the black bean as it looked like squid ink pasta but in fact its a black bean.

  3. Julian

    As someone who loves pasta, I was fairly skeptical, but it really is a GREAT alternative to traditional pasta. After I tried it, I made some up for my Mother-in-Law who is Gluten-Free, and she said it was the best Pasta Alternative that she has had yet!

  4. Ruth

    Excellent….. taste more like pasta.

  5. A. Fowler

    Made a pasta salad with them—a huge hit! Texture was great, good flavor. Only cooked 3-4 min per package directions and they were perfect

  6. BR

    As far as healthy or fake pastas go, this one actually has similar qualities and texture as wheat pasta. The taste is great. Even works well as buttered noodles. This fantastic alternative is high in protein and high in fiber along with being delicious. Give it a try, I think you’ll really like this one. Tasted as you’re cooking to make sure that you don’t over-cook the noodles. I found that it cooks al dente, very close to the recommended cooking time.

  7. Jenn

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with bean noodles, but I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. It’s an easy way to get extra protein, they’re quick and easy to make and they taste better than regular wheat spaghetti. Two thumbs up!!

  8. Vincent O. K

    Texture – I’ll start of with the texture which is the most important to me. This pasta has an al dente texture that is a little chewier than your normal pasta, which I really enjoy. Most pasta alternatives I’ve tried are mushy and very difficult to work with. This pasta holds it’s texture very well and I added it to my weekly meal prep. It can definitely be stored and reheated.

    Nutrition – Haven’t found any pasta with as much protein as this one, 25-44g of protein depending on your serving size. It’s also only 9g of net carbs which I haven’t found in any other pasta as well (I don’t consider miracle noodles or spiraled noodle as pasta).

    Cooking – These took a little longer to cook than what the box said. I cooked them for about 7 minutes and then rinsed it with cold water. I think the cooking time really depends on how you like your pasta. What I really like is that I can cook as much as I want at once and then save it for the whole week.

    Conclusion – Definitely worth trying and I’ll be reordering soon!

  9. C. Moore

    Neutral flavor and texture. Would be better with a little seasoning added into the beans like cilantro and parsley and celery. Works great as pasta substitute. Replaces carbs with saturated fats though which are worse for you.

  10. mike medford

    We loved it!

  11. Selma Grady

    They are wonderful! I’ll happily buy them again

  12. Ruth

    Not bad, it kind of taste like those clear noodles from the Asian stores.

  13. Duane-King

    Being Vegan I am very conscious of what I’m eating or about to prepare to eat. When I saw this Black Bean Spaghetti, I had to try it, especially since it said it had 44g protein…YEAHH!! The taste was great., They texture was great and it’s organic and gluten free. Even if you’re not vegan, this will be a great change to your pasta meals. I recommend it!!

  14. Duane-King

    Being Vegan I am very conscious of what I’m eating or about to prepare to eat. When I saw this Black Bean Spaghetti, I had to try it, especially since it said it had 44g protein…YEAHH!! The taste was great., They texture was great and it’s organic and gluten free. Even if you’re not vegan, this will be a great change to your pasta meals. I recommend it!!

  15. Janelle T

    Easy to cook but flavor was interesting. Smothered in sauce to eat it

  16. Solome

    The appearance noodles changes a little after boiling. We have been trying to work more veggies and beans into diet, these noodles help. My picky 12 year old ate the spaghetti soy noodles last night and went back for thirds. Tonight we had the black bean, he was willing to eat them plain. They do not really have a flavor and take on the flavors of the sauce use very well. Will buy again.

  17. Blue Ridge Hiker

    This spaghetti cooked in about 10 minutes. it was a nice texture. The taste was good, mildly nutty, unremarkably bland.
    It can be pleasantly enhanced by any sauce etc. the digestibility was great. The steady energy afterwards was noticeable. I have recommended this to my friends.

  18. Blue ridge hiker

    this fettucini cooked in about 10 minutes. it was a nice texture. The taste was good, mildly nutty, unremarkably bland.
    It can be pleasantly enhanced by any sauce etc. the digestibility was great. The steady energy afterwards was noticeable. I have reccomended this to my friends.

  19. Amber S.

    I made a big batch of lo mein using these noodles and it turned out delicious!! The taste and texture fit right in for this dish. I’m very impressed and happy to find something that fits into a lower carb lifestyle! I’ve missed noodles!

  20. Elia

    If you’re in to ultra healthy diet like I am, this is a great product – I took away refined grains (and non sprouted wheat) from my diet long time ago even though I’ve never had any health issues which prevent me from consuming refined grains or wheat products. Just be aware, it does NOT taste like the usual wheat pasta. I also eat other bean “pasta” such as edamame spaghetti which tastes similar to this black bean spaghetti. I’ve bought lower price for the same product before so gave 3-star for “Value for money” while as 5-star for everything else.

  21. C. Hanno

    I honestly had NO idea what to expect, it came up as a suggestion when looking for “healthier noodles” on Amazon. I cooked these a little al dente, used some veggies, alfredo, and parmesan. DELICIOUS! It is a fun thing to eat black noodles, too! It didn’t have a weird flavor like I was expecting, I will definitely be advocating for use of these noodles to everyone 🙂

  22. Julianne Wilson

    Delicious! One box goes a long way relative to typical semolina pasta because the black bean pasta is SO much more filling. Great taste. Super healthy. Quick and easy to prepare.

  23. GlacierBabe

    I was skeptical at first to try this but so glad I did. I have diabetes and have changed my lifestyle to a whole food, plant based diet. This tastes JUST LIKE regular spaghetti. My husband, who still eats a western diet, loves it. Great product.

  24. Kimberli I. Jackson

    Amazing! Great flavor and texture. Just like a real noodle. Satisfies my noodle addiction without so much carbs and with a lot of fiber and protein. I highly recommend!

  25. SquirrelSnipa

    Tastes good cooks fine will definitely buy more

  26. Cheryl Plucker

    These are great tasting. I wouldn’t call it a carb-alternative exactly, but they are tasty and much more healthy than regular pasta.

  27. Dianna Lynn

    Great alternative to wheat pasta. Has a slightly spongy texture that is superior to other alternative pastas (which can be jaw-tiring to chew). Pairs well with basil and tomato sauce. Very filling. We skip meat with the black bean pasta and are very satisifed at the end of our meal. This is a staple in in oour pantry.

  28. Tim Sylvester

    These are great for those avoiding wheat. The flavor is a little odd, but the texture is the most pasta-like such substitute that I’ve found.

  29. djdminus

    Great pasta alternative! We made the black bean pasta with a southwest chipotle sauce and it tasted amazing. Super easy to cook and great texture as well.

  30. Jason

    Liked it a lot, a mew staple in the diet

  31. aosborne811

    Texture is different from regular pasta and other grain substitutes. Doesn’t taste like much. It’s good with sauce and cheese. Sits lighter in the stomach after eating than traditional pasta. Also no bloating.

  32. courtney

    Nothing spectacular. Just your regular bean noodle

  33. william kopf

    Shockingly good. I really enjoyed them.
    Very good

  34. Edric Azeil

    Love love love this “pasta”

  35. Bobbi

    Excellent….. taste more like pasta.

  36. Jason

    Tastes like spaghetti.Liked it a lot, a mew staple in the diet

  37. patrice milton

    I was kind of skeptical about getting this pasta, but it was actually tasty. I used it to make worm spaghetti for Halloween.

  38. Lucas J. Bragg Sr.

    This is an excellent substitute for pasta. The flavor and texture are a bit different but still very good. Protein value is outstanding.

  39. zenmindt

    Tast and texture are different from wheat pasta, but good in it’s own way.

  40. Tiffany

    Delicious and very easy to make pasta! The onlybean website has a list of recipes that i could follow and turn out some great meals. I am able to still enjoy the taste of pasta but gain enough protein and fiber for the day!

  41. mike medford

    we love it, great.

  42. tfrench85

    Tastes just like whole-grain pasta but is so much healthier! I’ve tried a lot of veggie-based pasta and this is by far my favorite. I also love that it is organic and produced by a company who values sustainably grown products.

  43. T Dall

    I would not be able to tell the difference between eating these vs rubber bands in a blind taste test.

    I’ve tried cooking them many different ways, boiling for 3, boiling for 10, cooking in stock, air-frying, and stir-frying (after boiling for 3).
    The only want to get them to lose some of that texture is to stir fry them for 10+ minutes (after boiling for 3), and even then its not much.

    But still, its so much protein, in food form instead of a shake!

  44. Adan Canelo


  45. Tom M.

    Excellent plate alternative. Keto friendly 😉 yum

  46. Dave

    The texture of pasta made by lentils is slippery. The texture of this pasta was rough and it felt dry, even with sauce. I did not enjoy the texture of this pasta so I won’t be buying it again.

  47. Megan

    I discovered this pasta randomly from a grocery delivery company and I feel like I’ve found a missing piece to my diet. I had to buy the bulk package, of course!

    With both of my pregnancies, I was so sick and eating was a dreaded chore that rarely had a positive ending. We discovered that ANY grains made me sick, regardless of whether they were gluten free or not. I ended up having to eat paleo but not having energy to do so most of the time because I was still sick and tired just not AS sick, so I would resort to to a lot of snacks and shakes, but those don’t fill the stomach enough so I ended up caving into easier meals often with repercussions.

    This pasta gives me hope for maybe having one more baby and not feeling awful for 10 months.

    No joke, I even put these in my kids’ cashew yogurt with pan fried cinnamon bananas, frozen blue berries, and freeze fried coconut topping and they actually ate it! Sounds weird until you try it. It was so yummy!! These are very versatile and their flavor is so enjoyable and subtle. The texture is even very enjoyable.

    I’m a fan. Such a fan.

  48. Amazon Customer

    I like this pasta because it’s very healthy for you I battle borderline diabetes so I must maintain a low-carb diet and I love eating pasta so this is definitely the way to go I just wish it was a little bit cheaper, that’s why I gave it four stars because of the price is a little high

  49. Gil B

    Really nice gluten-free pasta alternative! Tastes great and is healthy as well.


    Great quality and super value.

  51. Fatima Wehidy

    Actually pretty delicious. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive

  52. Bex

    I was recently diagnosed with celiac’s disease. This black bean spaghetti has a consistency surprisingly like pasta, and tastes like a whole grain product. Much better than a supermarket (more expensive) brand of black bean spaghetti. A great source of fiber and protein, it is an excellent and healthy addition to any diet.

  53. Mervin R Feick II

    If you’re watching your blood glucose levels.. this is what you’ve been waiting for! Used to buy Dreamfields… this beats them hands down on carb levels.. and taste! We use this and make a Southwest Style Pasta.. sooooooo good!!!

  54. Rashmi

    These noodles are quite healthy and mealy, but they taste weird on their own. We had to flavor them up quite a bit using a ton of sauce.

  55. joyjoy_az

    I didn’t like the flavor at all although I like other soy bean based noodles. Texture was OK but hard to eat without any sauce because of its smell and flavor. And it says ‘produced in China’ on the box. I will prefer zoodles or tofu noodles much more to this noodle.

  56. Jessica

    Very quick to cook. Pasta taste and texture. Definitely would recommend

  57. Anthony Jugo

    Very quick to cook. Pasta taste and texture. Definitely would recommend

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