Can’t find The Only Bean in any stores near you? Here are some quick and easy ways to ask your favorite retailers and restaurants to offer The Only Bean. You can call, chat, email, or even ask them in person! Show us proof of reaching out to at least 3 places and we’ll send you a free pasta of your choice! Email screenshots or photos of proof to

Chat with them

Send them a quick message on Facebook.

Email Them

Contact their customer service and write them a message.

Do it in person

Print this information and take it to them in person.

Feel free to wing it or use our script:

Hi, I just tried some gluten-free pasta from The Only Bean and really enjoyed it! I’m a regular at your store and noticed that it is not available there yet. I would really appreciate it if you guys could carry this item. You can find additional at or email them at Thanks!


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Ask us


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